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About Us


Latex Free

At Kids Only Dental Place we are committed to providing each patient with professional care and respect. Our goal is to educate patients and parents on proper oral hygiene techniques as well as dental disease prevention strategies. We offer a non-threatening, fun atmosphere where children will establish positive memories. Kids Only Dental Place is dedicated to the use of state-of-the-art digital technology to both advance the patient's understanding of procedures and offer safer, superior treatment.

Throughout our website, you will find an abundance of information about our practice, procedures we provide, and pediatric dentistry in general. It is our intent to provide the best possible dental care for your child. We believe our families should have as much information as possible in order to make important, informed decisions regarding their oral health and treatment options. Most importantly, we strive to provide each patient with the same level of care and compassion that we would want for our own children.


The latest & greatest way to get dental work done! Talk about multitasking! :) We now have a 3D video game system, that can be seen in the special glasses worn by our patient during certain dental procedures!